fuel prices


S.D. Supreme Court Overturns Fuel Dispute Ruling

Lower court excluded evidence of fraudulent contract


Petro Data Links

Deal makes OPIS's benchmarked pricing data available to Telvent DTN users

Asks why several counties seeing "substantially higher" prices than other parts of state, region

It could be a full year before a gasoline price-war lawsuit against QuikTrip is settled by a jury trial in Missouri, according to court documents.

Retail gasoline price down another 15 cents, says Lundberg

Overall travel up 4.9% from last year; midweek holiday contributes to increase

Costco and Kroger are consumers' favorite places to fill their gas tanks, according to a new consumer study by Market Force Information.

Georgia governor signs executive order to suspend increase

Gasoline down 34 cents, diesel down 31 cents, says Lundberg

Group says it is protesting high gas prices, threatens to shut down pumps

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