fuel volume


N.Y. Governor Launches First Strategic Gasoline Reserve

Will help prevent fuel supply gaps during emergencies


Exclusive Fuels Analysis: Beyond the Benchmarks

Crude-oil plunge will usher in next phase of autumn gasoline price relief

Growing U.S. production makes for a welcome CPG decline

It's not a new story for petroleum marketers: between swipe fees, decreasing demand and rising wholesale costs, fuel sales are making life tough for retailers.

Refiners see vindication in Environmental Protection Agency's ethanol volume-cut proposal

Two-week drop is the largest since last November, says Lundberg

Economic outlook trumps volatility at the pump: Zimmermann

Wholesale fuel supplier's iPhone app facilitates bulk fuel-purchasing

For every positive aspect of The Pantry's first-quarter results, there are two resounding negatives overshadowing the convenience store chain's growth efforts.

The U.S. Department of Energy has raised its price projections for crude oil slightly, while diesel price projects remain virtually unchanged from last month.

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