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Fuel: Prices Down, Margins Up

An unexpected drop in crude prices led to a banner year for gasoline margins in convenience stores.

CSP Magazine

A Fuel Price ‘Paradigm Shift’

As consumers delight in low prices and retailers bask in the glow of satisfying margins, pundits wonder how long the elation—and possible deflation—will last.

Winter-blend likely to extend downhill pricing trend: Lundberg

Falling wholesale prices pad retailers' profits, led by the Southeast

Down 5.5 cents per gallon in June

Southeast hurting the most, dipping below 10 CPG

Another small street price hike is likely, says Lundberg

Retail margins go from fabulous to stark in two weeks, says Lundberg

Mulling introduction of Statoil's 'Miles' fuel in North America; talks unions, liquor sales, more

From zero gasoline margins to consumer value, study reveals common attributes

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