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General Merchandise/HBC

DBI Rolls Out Dietary Supplement for Women

New herbal formula makes retail debut

General Merchandise/HBC

A Growing Opportunity for Private Label Brands

Consumers seek options, larger pack sizes for HBC products

Synthetic marijuana sends more than 160 people to emergency rooms statewide

What categories, products can help c-stores capitalize on growing wellness trend?

Rising: pain reliever liquids, feminine pain relievers, cold-remedy liquids, stomach-remedy tablets, sleeping remedies and more. Sliding: cold-remedy tablets, couch syrups, diarrhea tablets, energy shots, vitamins, more.

Florida, Arizona locations adding individual-use cologne wipes

How drug chains are pivoting toward c-stores’ sweet spot, and what to do about it.

Letter asks congressional leaders to consider more robust oversight by FDA

Will lead sales in Southwest region

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