payment services


Delek US to Bring Touchless Checkout to Its C-Stores

Part of ‘comprehensive innovation strategy’ to improve customer experience


Couche-Tard Set to Expand Pay by Plate Across Entire Circle K Network

New frictionless technology enables customers to buy fuel with license plate recognition, mobile app

Grubhub and Gridwise among first partners

Allows even cash to be used in contactless payment

Today’s successful loyalty programs rely on personalization.

The future of convenience stores is bright—and it’s built on personalized guest experiences and a rich technology suite.

What if customers paid you to be a part of a brand? Consider all of the new ways brands could incentivize these customers—to make an extra visit, try a new product or build their basket—if these consumers already committed to spending money with a certain brand before they ever set foot inside the door.

C-stores have satisfied consumers during the pandemic with safety measures, but there’s still work to be done

Retailer goes live with AdvantagePay

As consumer loyalty continues to attract customers to c-stores, there are many options available to merchants looking to gain an edge in such a competitive landscape, one solution has often flown under the radar: private-label debit (PLD).

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