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How Did PCATS Evolve Into Conexxus . . . and Why?

Q&A with Gray Taylor reveals broadening technology mission, "next big steps"


Target Breach May Spark Action

Speaker at Conexxus technology event says crisis may open doors to discussion

National Payment Card Association receives sixth patent

Conexxus retailer panelists reveal how business analytics help their c-stores succeed

PCATS members break down transaction steps to help develop standards

Zabaneh joins Heartland Payment Systems as CFO

Says stations have been targeted; statement urges customers to review payments

PCATS director helps SOI attendees understand ways cellphones, convenience match up

The recent credit-card data theft at Target is a striking reminder of how tightly our retail brand name is tied to the trust of our customers and how it can be shattered in an instant with the loss of our customers’ data.

Traditional financial institutions struggling in a digital world, Taylor says at SOI

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