3 Key Traits of a Crowd-Pleasing Coffee Program

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At a time when consumers have endless options for where to purchase their coffee, how does any one store move to the top of their list? There are three key things retailers can do to help their establishment stand out and become a go-to destination for top-quality coffee.

Consistency and speed, please

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are busy and constantly on the go. The last thing they want is to stand in a long line and wait. In today’s world of grab-and-go, consumers have access to technology that allows them to, in many instances, order ahead. Offering a quick way to grab a coffee is vital in attracting consumers and keeping them coming to an establishment day in and day out.

Consumers not only want fast service, but they also expect consistency. No one wants a cappuccino that is foamed to perfection one day but has very little foam the next day. Inconsistency is a top factor that drives consumers to go to the next location. To ensure consistency and speed for consumers, many operators have introduced a self-serve format with automatic equipment for both bean-to-cup and espresso-based beverages.

Large variety, reduced footprint

Someone may be in the mood for a traditional drip coffee one day, a vanilla latte the next and a cappuccino with an extra shot later in the week. Consumers want hot coffee and iced options as well. How do retailers ensure they can offer a wide variety when store space is often an issue?

“One question operators often ask is how they can offer a wide variety of coffee beverages when they are pressed for real estate in their stores. This is a very common problem, especially with traditional coffee bars,” says John Notte, vice president of sales for Franke Coffee Systems Americas. “However, with the right espresso-based beverage equipment, like the A1000 and the new award-winning A800 Fresh Brew, retailers can offer consumers a wide variety of fresh, bean-to-cup coffee with a reduced footprint of less than 14 inches.”

Splurge on the extras

Vanilla latte or hazelnut? Caramel macchiato or one sugar with room for cream? And what about nondairy options or sugar-free syrups? According to National Coffee Association data, a majority of consumers prefer flavor in their brewed coffee, added by flavored creamers and syrups. Vanilla, hazelnut and caramel top the list of preferred flavors.

By setting up a full additive bar in retail establishments, stocked with the most popular flavors and some rotating limited-time offers, operators can make the coffee bar more appealing to consumers. The additive bar should include items such as sweeteners, creamers, alternative milks, syrups, toppings and more. Also, ensure the additive bar is close to the coffee bar or clearly marked if elsewhere. Thinking about the logistics and the path consumers must take to complete their beverage will make a big difference.

When a store’s coffee program offers consistency, variety and the extras consumers are looking for, it then become not only a favorite destination for consumers but also a destination they tell their friends about.

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