Boost Beverage Sales With Better-For-You

Cater to consumers looking for alternative drink choices

Consumers in all segments are on the hunt for better-for-you beverages.

iced teas

And, with thirst ranking as the primary driver of convenience-store foodservice purchases, now’s the time for operators to up their dispensed-beverage offerings to highlight a range of choices.

More than half (52%) of consumers say c-stores must offer a wide range of beverage types and 41% want a broad flavor selection, according to Technomic’s C-Store Monitor for Q4 2016. What’s more, a full 53% of consumers won’t even visit a c-store that doesn’t offer their preferred beverage, the report noted.

Dispensed beverages such as lemonade and other fruit juices, energy drinks and even flavored or vitamin-infused waters can add differentiation to your operation and capture consumers looking for alternative drink choices.

“The whole push is toward better-for -you,” says Brad Cliburn, director of product management for BUNN. “We’re constantly talking to customers about how they can feature more products like that … The market is saying we have to offer more than coffee and carbonated beverages.”

One way to feature a greater number of dispensed beverages and still conserve countertop real estate is through one machine designed with a multi-dispense head platform. Such dispensers are a good fit in c-stores for a number of reasons. For example, if the beverage concentrate ratios are the same, they can allow operators the option to switch beverage offerings through the dayparts, moving from orange juice at breakfast to lemonade midday.

Newer models, such as the four- segment graphic dispenser from BUNN, offer four slots to insert customizable graphics to illustrate your drink offerings. These provide an eye-catching visual for consumers.  These can be easily changes for daypart changes.

“What’s catching my eye?” Cliburn says. “That’s the first thing I think of when I walk into a c-store.”

Another advantage of a beverage dispenser like the one from BUNN? Consistency.

For a c-store operator to make a profit on dispensed beverages, each cup must be exactly the same. If the drink is too weak, a consumer isn’t going to return. But if it’s too sweet? Product quality diminishes, of course, but that also means you’re wasting concentrate and losing money.

“If you’re going to put out something that’s sweeter than your target, you can just watch your profits go down the drain,” he says. “That’s the real key with c-stores. They’re looking at profitability per footprint space.”

Bunn’s cold beverage dispenser is designed to ensure proper mixing and consistency, cup after cup, regardless of the beverage’s viscosity. 

It’s recommended that operators rinse the dispensers daily and sanitize weekly (more often if you’re serving dairy-based beverages like iced coffee drinks).

If you’re looking to expand your dispensed-beverage program, turn to BUNN for high-quality dispensers. 

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