Consumers Seek Flavorful, Better-for-You Beverages

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated consumers’ interest in managing their own health, causing them to look for convenient food and beverage solutions that build immunity and provide other functional benefits.

“Many consumers want more control over their wellbeing,” Mintel reported in its 2022 Global Food & Drink Trends report. “Consumers’ needs for protection will increase the demand for products that help both short- and long-term health goals.”

Consumers are seeking products that provide refreshment and satisfaction while at the same offer the nutrients they need. Better-for-you beverages such as cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices offer a thirst-quenching, flavorful soda alternative for those consumers who want to manage their own health without sacrificing taste.

Grocery retailers can capitalize on this trend by offering cold-pressed fruit juices that feature ingredients and flavors that appeal to today’s health- and taste-conscious consumers. Fruit, vegetable and floral ingredients, for example, carry healthy connotations, which is leading to the increasing popularity of these types flavors in beverages.

Kayco, the nation’s largest distributor of Kosher products, offers an assortment of cold-pressed juices that can help food retailers meet these consumer demands. These products are filed with natural ingredients and a variety of on-trend flavors to drive consumer trial, including Wondermelon Basic Cucumber Watermelon Juice and Wondermelon Cayenne Lemon Watermelon Juice, both of which are 100% organic, certified fair trade and kosher.

Watermelon has been a trending flavor in foodservice beverages for several years, which indicates that consumers are likely seeking products containing this ingredient at retail as well. It currently ranks as one of the most popular flavors for juices and smoothies in restaurants, favored by 30% of consumers, according to Technomic’s 2021 Global Beverage Category Report.

Kayco’s Wonder Lemon line, meanwhile, offers exciting flavors that capitalize on consumer interest in all things citrus, which is known for its immunity-boosting properties. Wonder Lemon juices are also 100% organic, with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, additives or added sugars.

Lemon is also a top beverage flavor choice among consumers—Technomic’s 2021 Global Beverage Category Report found it to be favored by 34% of consumers as a flavor in juices and smoothies.

Kayco also carries cold-pressed beet-based juice drinks from Beetology. This line of natural and gluten-free juices include Beet & Berry Juice, Beet & Berry Juice, Beet & Tropical Fruit Juice, Beet & Veggie Juice, and Beet Lemon & Ginger Juice.

Beets are a significant source for nutrients, and drinking beet juice may boost stamina for exercise, among other potential health benefits.

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