Kansas Debates Full-Strength Beer Sales for C-Stores

Three-year delay before proposal would kick in

TOPEKA, Kan. -- A proposal before Kansas legislators would permit grocery and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer, wine and liquor starting in July 2018. beer suds

The bill up for debate today in the House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee also would permit convenience stores to sell full-strength beer starting in July 2018, according to an Associated Press report.

Groceries and convenience stores now can sell weaker beer known as cereal-malt beverage. Only liquor stores can sell full-strength beer, wine and liquor.

The measure is backed by grocery and convenience-store chains. Many liquor-store owners oppose it, fearing they'll be run out of business.

The measure would cap the number of retail liquor store licenses and allow store owners to transfer theirs to grocery stores in the same county starting in July 2018.

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