New Brand Sexes Up Milk

More protein, more calcium and more-provocative advertising

MINNEAPOLIS -- In a racy series of ads featuring glamorous women in pin-up poses "dressed only in milk," fairlife LLC today introduced a high-nutrition milk that the company hopes will raise consumer interest for better-tasting, more nutritious milk products. Launching in the Twin Cities, fairlife purely nutritious milk has 50% more natural protein and calcium and half the sugars of ordinary milk, all while being delicious real milk, with no protein powders. Fairlife Milk ads

"Consumers are looking for better-quality, great-tasting nutrition that comes from the highest-quality milk," said Steve Jones, chief executive officer of fairlife LLC, Chicago. "With fairlife, we're bringing them a delicious and more-nutritious milk than anything in the market with a breakthrough campaign that shows how sexy vitality can be. And since fairlife milk comes from family-owned farms committed to quality, sustainability and animal comfort, consumers can feel good about the source too. We call it our from-grass-to-glass promise."

Mike & Sue McCloskey, dairy farmers who co-founded fairlife, believed they could create new products to provide busy families like theirs with better nutrition from the wholesome goodness of real milk.

"Mike and I have been dedicated for years with ways to produce more nutritious milk," said Sue. "We believe today's active families want more protein and calcium without lactose. We literally designed fairlife at our kitchen table, combining my interest in healthy wellness products and Mike's veterinary and scientific background. That's what's led to this amazing and great-tasting milk."

Fairlife milk and its accompanying ad campaign will launch in the Twin Cities in February. "Minnesotans are an incredibly active group who lead healthy lifestyles and care about nutrition. And they drink a lot of milk. With such a strong consumer-base and the distribution partnership of St Paul-based Kemps, one of the leaders in the dairy industry, we couldn't be happier to launch fairlife purely nutritious milk here. It's our learning lab for future expansion," Jones said.


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