Pepsi Fire Coming This Summer

LTO brings cool taste to the cold vault

PURCHASE, N.Y. -- After weeks of speculation, PepsiCo confirmed May 11 that it is bringing its Pepsi Fire soda to the United States as a limited-time offer (LTO).

Beginning May 22, Pepsi Fire—Pepsi Cola with a cinnamon-flavor twist—will be available in stores nationwide for an eight-week period.

"Summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year, and Pepsi Fire is going to ignite this season with an unexpected and spicy twist to our classic cola taste," said Lauren Cohen, director of marketing for Pepsi.

Pepsi Fire was first introduced overseas—in Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries—and in Mexico, according to various reports. It first showed up in the United States in early May as a limited-time Slurpee flavor in select 7-Eleven convenience stores in Michigan. PepsiCo, Purchase, N.Y., said the frozen drink will be available in 7-Eleven stores across the country through the end of June.

Packaged Pepsi Fire will be available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce-can 12-packs.


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