Saving Time and Labor By Working With An All-In-One Beverage Equipment Supplier

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Dispensed beverages are the biggest and most profitable aspect of convenience store operators’ foodservice business. And often, they are the most demanding to operate efficiently. Savvy operators avoid situations where the coffee brewer is from one manufacturer, the tea brewer and cold brew dispensers are from another equipment brand and the juice or granita machines from yet a third provider. Sourcing from a supplier with a full line of equipment that has common styling across products provides visual harmony.  Also, when equipment is sourced from a hodgepodge of manufacturers it adds unnecessary complexity when equipment requires preventative maintenance or when it breaks down.  It can be a scramble to find out whom to call for service. Dealing with just one reputable beverage equipment company saves a lot of time and labor. Working with one beverage equipment company that also has specialized service capabilities is the ultimate goal.

A one-stop shop

“We strive to be a one-stop shop for our customers,” says Scott Mazzini, Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy at BUNN. That means, a customer would only have one place to call when first specifying equipment for a store (whether it’s one piece of equipment or a full beverage bar) and for installation of the equipment which would be handled through trained professionals in the same organization.  BUNN also offers programs that bundle equipment and service packages together to simplify the customer experience.

Full coverage

Multi-unit convenience store operators also have to consider the breadth of coverage they require. They should look for a single company that has experience and capability to cover small, regional or large national, multi-site rollouts for all desired beverage types.

“At BUNN, our goal is to be an all-in-one beverage solutions supplier who alleviates pain-points for our customers so they can be operationally efficient and profiting from their beverage menu,” says Mazzini.

A good fit

It pays to source related beverage equipment—brewers, dispensers, components and accessories—from the same company so they work together seamlessly. Dispensers that fit neatly and securely on brewing stations, for example, are an ideal pairing that, if sourced from different manufacturers, can cause frustrations. Even seemingly small items like paper filters, specifically designed to fit the exact type and model of the coffee brewer, can be critical.

BUNN takes this idea one step further with BrewWISE. Matching the grind profile to the brew recipe is an essential step in the coffee brewing process.  BUNN makes this process easy with a wireless brewer-grinder interface. Information is communicated from the grinder to the brewer through a RFID chip embedded in the handle of the Smart Funnel, that informs the brewer which customized recipe to use for optimal brewing.

Water is key to quality

“The key component of any beverage is water,” notes Chairil McClain, BUNN’s director of product management. The company’s Beverage and Water Quality Labs work with customers to achieve the best quality beverages. The team includes a Director of Water Technologies with over 25 years of experience in the industry, who holds a Master Water Specialist (MWS) certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA).

“For example, we can take a water sample from any region in the U.S. and Canada and conduct a water quality test,” explains McClain. “Based on the test results, we could then make recommendations on water treatment for that specific site. For more complex full-store packages, we can also assist in water treatment to supply water to all beverage equipment on the beverage bar.”

Maintenance and service

Equipment downtime costs convenience store operators lost sales and disappointed customers. It’s important to contract with a top-of-the-line company to monitor, maintain and repair equipment to ensure it’s always up and running.

“We can handle the installation and on-going maintenance of their equipment with customizable programs through BUNNserve®, our service division dedicated to covering the complete lifecycle of equipment” points out McClain. “Should the customer run into any issues, BUNN offers 24/7/365 tech support for troubleshooting and if the issue requires more in-depth service, BUNN would work with the customer to dispatch a certified field service agent to the site. These are just some of the services we offer that a c-store operator would not receive if they were to do it themselves.”

For operators who want an uncomplicated beverage program, finding an all-in-one beverage provider and servicer is key.

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