Sprite ‘Adds a Subtle Splash of Lemonade’

Newest flavor influenced by Freestyle usage, social media mentions
Photograph courtesy of Coca-Cola Co.

ATLANTA Coca-Cola Co. has launched its latest new flavor created based on usage of the company's high-tech Freestyle fountain machines. Sprite Lymonade is rolling out in March. The new beverage “adds a subtle splash of lemonade” to the citrusy carbonated soft drink.

Coca-Cola Freestyle, which lets consumers mix and match beverages and flavors, demonstrated that users were regularly adding lemonade to Sprite, inspiring the new flavor. In addition, more than 23,000 tweets over the past six months have mentioned mixing Sprite and lemonade, according to the company.

“We even saw one tweet from a fan who regularly stops in one restaurant for a Sprite, then drives to a second for their favorite lemonade,” said Ryan Hughes, associate brand manager for Sprite. “At the same time, we’ve been watching the popularity of sparkling lemonades continue to boom. So we knew we had an opportunity to innovate in a completely new way.”

Sprite Lymonade is made with 1% juice, making it the brand’s first foray outside traditional sparkling soft drinks.

Sprite Lymonade is the third CSD flavor launched by Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. based on Freestyle usage. The fountain dispenser also inspired the 2017 launch of Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero.

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