Three Ideas to Sell More Beverages

From basics to new views, research uncovers ways to appeal to millennials, Gen Z

CHICAGO -- The generational data is strong for convenience stores: Members of both the millennial generation and generation Z are more willing to shop in a convenience store than older generations and more likely to purchase a beverage in a c-store, according to a report from Technomic.

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Senior director Donna Hood Crecca, speaking during CSP’s Cold Vault Summit in Chicago, offered three suggestions to reach those consumers more often and sell more to them once they’re in the store.


Only 48% of convenience-store beverage purchases include food. “This is a tremendous opportunity to add an upsell,” Crecca said. “Co-promotions, bundling, merchandising—anything that connects the food with the beverage. … Send the message: Grab a yogurt with that bottled water.”


Forty-three percent of millennials consider a beverage a snack, and just as many say they are snacking more frequently, according to Technomic’s research. “C-stores own the snack daypart,” Crecca said. Think about promotions during what used to be considered off-hours to drive home the snacking opportunities in the store, from grab-and-go food products to protein drinks or a more decadent treat.


About half of millennials said they’re more likely to visit a c-store with a wide-variety of beverages. Be sure to promote the variety in your store, while highlighting more personal elements of your store, such as a knowledgeable staff, offering samples or competitive pricing.

“Almost 50% of millennials believe c-stores are more expensive than other channels of retail,” Crecca said. Break the perception through promotions. “Fifty-seven percent of millennials said competitive prices will make me choose your c-store over another one.”

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