Dash In

La Plata, Md.

Dash In’s Crispy Chicken Slider and All American Angus Bacon Cheeseburger Slider were introduced to provide slider lovers convenient access to their favorite snack. Both are served on a mini potato roll. The Crispy Chicken Slider features lightly seasoned and breaded Tyson chicken breast and dill pickles. The Angus Bacon Cheeseburger Slider includes a 100% Angus beef slider patty, American cheese and crispy bacon.


Salt Lake City

Maverik’s mini taco snack box includes small culinary delights teeming with protein in an ideal size for convenience shoppers. Stuffed with seasoned beef, these crunchy tacos can be enhanced with salsa and other condiments available at Maverik’s condiment bar.



New forms of tacos have been the most requested menu additions since QMart updated its foodservice offer with its Q Cafe in 2017. At first, the menu focused on Tex-Mex fare such as chili con carne, nachos, crispy tacos and fajitas. More recently, QMart has diversified the menu to include international dishes such as Vietnamese banh mi tacos and Indian samosas. The company is currently exploring hand-rolled sushi for its menu.