C-Store Design Trends 2021

C-Store Design Trends 2021

Trends in Materials

Bona says that more and more the industry is seeing the use of natural and/or recycled materials

C-Store Design Trends 2021

The Pandemic’s Role

Design experts and architects are currently looking through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic to identify areas that may help drive

6 ways retailers are enhancing consumer's shopping experiences

Lighting can convey a range of moods and brand value. Most often for c-stores, the choice is a comfortable range of light that enhances cleanliness, safety and visibility of the store interior and ext...

A well-designed retail environment can prove beneficial for years to come

The biggest change in design in the c-store industry over the past five to 10 years is that it has become far more customer-centric

The architectural aspects of a space play a big role in an overall retail experience