CSP/Service Intelligence Mystery Shop

Mystery Shop: 

Pump N Pantry

Top Performer: Restrooms
Overall Score: 93.6%
Study Average: 91.9%
Montrose, Pa.
No. of Stores: 
Number of mystery-shop audits conducted: 
Report Highlights
SectionScoreStudy Average
Employees 100.0% 97.1%
Restrooms 100.0% 91.5%
Fountain drinks 97.2% 88.1%
Exterior cleanliness 95.8% 92.7%
Coffee 94.8% 92.2%
Dairy cooler 94.3% 88.1%
Food combo deals 75.0% 72.1%
Food combo deals 75.0% 72.1%

Subsections where retailer earned a score of 100%:

  • All on-duty employees wearing a uniform including a nametag
  • All on-duty employees well-groomed
  • Cash counter clean
  • Clean restroom
  • Coffee equipment operational
  • Coffee machine and area clean
  • Dairy cooler clean
  • Floors inside the store clean
  • Fountain-drink area fully stocked with supplies
  • Garbage cans in front of the store well-maintained
  • Procedure for taking the temperature in the dairy cooler
  • Pump island & its pumps clean
  • Restroom properly stocked

Calculation notes: Overall scores are calculated using all score questions on the survey. Each question is given an equal weight.

Category scores (exterior, dairy cooler, coffee, etc.) are calculated using all scored questions in that category. Each question in the category is given an equal weight.

About the audits: Audits were conducted between April 24 and June 4, 2014. Audits could be conducted between 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. any day of the week.