Mystery Shop 2015

About the CSP/Service Intelligence Mystery Shop

Once a year, CSP partners with Service Intelligence to conduct a mystery shop of convenience-store chains across the country. During an eight-week period this spring, shoppers filled out questionnaires pertaining to interior and exterior cleanliness, customer service, employee appearance and merchandising, with some categories carrying more weight than others.

Here's a look at the average scores in each category and which chain earned the best score. The 2015 Mystery Shop winner is Tulsa, Okla.’s QuikTrip, which edged out Kwik Trip, LaCrosse, Wis., buy just 0.2 percentage points!

Section Average score Best score
Overall 92.5% 96.1% QuikTrip
Coffee 91.5% 97.6% RaceTrac
Dairy cooler 91.7% 98.3% Kwik Trip
Employees 95.3% 100% Cumberland Farms
Exterior cleanliness 94.8% 98.6% KwikTrip
Fountain drinks 93.4% 96.8% Cenex Zip Trip
General interior 92.2% 96.8% Chevron
Pump islands 87.4% 96.8% QuikTrip
Restrooms 93.9% 98.0% Kwik Trip
Sandwich cooler 94.0% 97.8% Cumberland Farms

Here, CSPnet offers a report card with highlights from each of the chains shopped in 2015. And click here for the complete mystery-shop report published in the August 2015 issue of CSP Magazine.

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