Category Management Handbook

Complete, full-year, c-store-specific sales data in major in-store product categories
Category Management Handbook

Sweet and Low

No-sugar, no-calorie and sparkling options bubble up in beverages

Category Management Handbook

Packaged Beverages: Bottled Water 2016

Bottled-water convenience-store sales data from year-end 2015.

Convenience-store sales data in the general merchandise specialty products category: motor oil, antifreeze, batteries and more

Convenience sales data and trends in lottery and financial services categories

New services, products help retailers tap into millennials’ needs

In the highly diverse health and beauty category, c-store unit sales were down in some of the largest segments in 2015. Complete data!

C-store sales of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine were mixed in 2015, according to IRI figures. The largest segment—internal analgesics—grew units 1.3%, while dollars rose nearly 7%. Cold/allergy/sinus and gastrointestinal remedies saw gains in liquid form but lost units in tablet form.

With this edition on the Category Management Handbook, we offer you eight stellar category managers, dozens of trends and best practices, and hundreds upon hundreds of charts.

Carbonated-soft-drink sales data from year-end 2015.

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