5 Beverages Updating Their Packaging

Steve Holtz, Content Director, CSP & CSP Daily News

CHICAGO -- From an environmentally friendly turn to seasonal design, here are five beverages that have updated their packaging in an effort to catch consumers' eyes ...

1. Busch Beer

St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch's Busch Beer launched its Great Outdoors campaign this month, including a new, limited-time packaging design that includes bold colors, wildlife and the brand's iconic stream. Also in the market are 30,000 gold trophy cans, which if found can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including a grand prize trip to wilderness resort Big Cedar Lodge with pro angler Kevin VanDam.

2. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Venice, Calif.-based Waiakea Inc., maker of premium, naturally alkaline bottled-water brand Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, will launch the world’s first fully degradable and 100% recyclable plastic bottle in the next year. Waiakea is a founding partner of TimePlast, the first and only patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastic in the world, according to the company. In introducing the additive, Waiakea’s bottles will degrade more than 97% faster than traditional plastic bottles, while still being fully recyclable, making sustainable waste management a reality at last. Waiakea will be the first to use TimePlast’s nano-additive with its bottles, which are already 100% RPET, meaning they are made entirely out of post-recycled bottles.

3. Corona

Chicago-based Constellation Brands launched limited-edition Corona beer packaging as part of its Legends marketing campaign. For the fifth consecutive year, Corona released specially wrapped, collectible 12-ounce bottles featuring six legendary fighters: Roberto Duran (Manos de Piedra), Thomas Hearns (The Hitman), Wilfredo Gomez (Bazooka) Juan Manuel Marquez (Dinamita), Deontay Wilder (PBC Heavyweight World Champion) and Errol Spence (PBC Welterweight Champion). Corona Extra’s limited-edition boxing bottles will be available in 18-packs. To further amplify the Legends offering, Corona will also offer 10 consumers the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas where they’ll be treated to a VIP experience with the featured boxers, Corona swag and tickets to Fight Night as part of a national Legends Sweepstakes.

4. Clubtails

Rochester, N.Y.-based Geloso Beverage Group's has added a 24-ounce package to its Clubtails line of cocktails in a can. The company launched six of its best-selling drink in 24-ounce cans in July. Previously, Clubtails were only available in 16-ounce cans and 11.2-ounce 6-pack bottles.

Clubtails was launched in 2012 with two original malt beverage flavors each offering 10% alcohol by volume. Clubtails has since expanded and today features 12 cocktail-flavor favorites. Clubtails' new 24-ounce size are now available in Bahama Mama, Sex on the Beach, Sunny Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Strawberry Colada and Screwdriver flavors.

5. Bonta

New York-based Bonta, a beverage infused with plant-based, Mediterranean-sourced ingredients, upgraded its bottle and package design to offer consumers a more focused message and brand proposition with easier to understand product benefits. Each of Bonta’s four flavors is packed with healthy and beneficial ingredients, according to the company. Three of the four flavors--Revive (Blood Orange), Fortify (Blueberry) and Vitalize (Cherry)--contain no added sugar. The fourth, Glow (Lemon Ginger), contains 3 grams of added organic cane sugar. Bonta is available in 16-ounce bottles with 30-35 calories each.