Circle K Gulf Coast to Offer Cellutions Beverages

To carry Modjo forLIFE anti-aging/rejuvenation beverage, Modjo Hydrade sports drink

SUNRISE, Fla. -- Circle K Gulf Coast will be carrying the Modjo forLIFE anti-aging and rejuvenation beverage and the new Modjo Hydrade functional sports drink from Cellutions LLC, a leading maker of new-age dietary supplements products, in its more than 300 convenience stores throughout the region.

The news comes after the recent announcement that Modjo forLIFE will be carried in both the Circle K South East business unit and On the Run c-stores throughout the country, said Cellutions. Circle K Gulf Coast business unit is a part of Circle K, one of the nation's largest convenience [image-nocss] retailers, with more than 3,300 stores and a global concern with stores in several countries.

"We like to work with innovators who focus on the rapidly changing needs of the market. And, functional and truly unique products like Modjo forLIFE and Modjo Hydrade are the type of products that intrigue and address the health concerns of our customers," said Leilani Dominguez, category manager for Circle K Gulf Coast. "These products offer great taste and functions and Circle K is pleased to be able to deliver these true lifestyle enhancers to our customers."

Four years ago, Cellutions launched Modjo Synergy a patented, all-natural hangover prevention supplement. Modjo Synergy tablets were the first in a series of Modjo branded lifestyle products launched by Cellutions. After Modjo Synergy, the company introduced Caffeine Free Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots.

Recently, the company introduced Modjo forLIFE, the anti-aging and rejuvenation beverage, available in three flavors, Grape Pomegranate, Simply Citrus and Island Punch. It is a functional beverage powered by the natural ingredient Resveratrol. Modjo forLIFE is also caffeine free and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Just weeks ago, the company introduced Modjo Hydrade, a hydration beverage infused with real coconut water and fortified with sea salt. With the addition of 99.9% pure sea salt, Modjo Hydrade has created Formula 125--a blend of electrolytes, vitamin C and all-natural flavors and colors needed to achieve an isotonic beverage. Modjo Hydrade is available in flavors including Lemon Lime Ice, Orange Rush, Island Punch and Blue Crush.

"We admire Circle K Gulf Coast Business Unit's desire to be on the cutting edge and offer their customers the latest and best functional products," said Cellutions founder and president Victor H. Diaz. "We're also pleased that they recognize the added value our lifestyle products bring to consumers and look forward to expanding our relationship with Circle K."

Founded in 2002, Sunrise, Fla.-based Cellutions LLC is an international lifestyle company dedicated to increasing the well-being and the quality of life of consumers.

Laval, Quebec-based Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. currently operates a network of 5,904 c-stores, 4,178 of which include motor-fuel dispensing. The stores are operated by 12 business units, including nine in the United States covering 42 states (primarily under the Circle K brand) and the District of Columbia, and three in Canada covering all 10 provinces (primarily under the Mac's brand).