Cool Mountain Leveraging Craft Beer Cache

Soda brand debuts "mix-n-match" four-packs

DES PLAINES, Ill. -- Designed in a swirl of vibrant colors intended to reinforce the taste of Cool Mountain Beverages' gourmet soda, the new "mix-n-match" four-pack puts the choice of flavors in the hands of consumers, making their favorite selections more convenient and accessible wherever they might find Cool Mountain.

This new design and delivery system reflects the brands' new image all in one convenient package.

The cache of the mix-n-match four-pack cannot be understated in these days of craft beverage products, the company said. The continued impact they are having and their marketing success allows consumers to try a wide variety of flavors conveniently and with individual choice.

Today, people are exercising more discretion in the food and beverages they consume, with quality, individuality in taste and even menu pairings playing important roles. And now, with the new mix-n-match four-pack, consumers can conveniently create and carry an assortment of Cool Mountain flavors.

Des Plaines, Ill.-based Cool Mountain Beverages Inc. licenses and markets Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda and Cool Mountain Fountain Classics throughout the United States and Singapore, Malaysia. Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda comes in Blue Razzberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, Cream Soda, Black Cherry, Root Beer and Orange Cream flavors along with seasonal brews such as Peach.