Killer Buzz Becomes KLR BZ

New name, new logo, new look for energy drink; company seeks to broaden appeal

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Killer Buzz, an energy drink featuring 17 amino acids, is getting a new look. The changes are reflected by its new tagline, "Stick that in a can and drink it," as well as by its new name, KLR BZ.

To separate itself from other energy drinks, Killer Buzz Energy Drink has introduced a new brushed aluminum can with fresh and energetic colors. Black core colors are intended to emphasize the power of Killer Buzz, underscoring that it is being marketed as a tool for its on-the-go consumers. The company said that it hopes the new packaging conveys the brand's performance-based message while commanding greater attention on store shelves.

The new cans have a sleek black lid and a colored tab coordinated for its flavor and laser-etched with KLR BZ.

According to Eric Fowler, national director of sales for Killer Buzz, the redesign was critical for the brand's continued growth: "Our graphics needed to be refreshed to reflect that our product changes with the times, just like our consumers. This new design gives us real traction at retail."

Jeremy Friedman, Killer Buzz director of marketing and packaging, and his team generated the new design.

"Just like for the product itself, extensive research was the foundation of the improved design. We knew we would have to be innovative and fresh to achieve escape velocity and to break away from the pack in the cluttered energy drink category," he said.

"With the new design, KLR BZ is current and relevant. This additional shelf appeal equates to sales and consumer acceptance," Fowler concluded.

Killer Buzz has also announced the addition of three new flavors: HYBRID (Mixed Berry), LIVID (Grape) and DRAGON SPIT (Dragon Fruit). The Original and Sugar-Free formulas have gotten new names: PROTO (as in Prototype) and ZILCH (as in zero).

"The addition of these exciting new flavors allows Killer Buzz to populate full shelves at retail, and this will only help our brand to stand out that much more," said Eric Fowler.

Killer Buzz energy drink is wholly owned and operated by PBEV LLC, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

It is available in 16-oz. cans, 8.4-oz. cans and three-gallon bag-in-box formats.