Mac's Fan Dance

Facebook followers help name new Froster flavor

ONTARIO -- A Facebook fan helped name the latest red Froster flavor from Mac's Convenience Stores through a contest aimed at 13- to 21-year-olds, according to a report in Marketing Magazine.

Launched earlier this month, the convenience-store chain asked members of its Facebook fan page to submit potential names under the page's comments section for the chance to win one free Froster a week for a year.

Squashed Cherry, Blood Shot and Santa's Berry Booster were among the entries.

On Friday, Majestic Media, the agency behind the contest, and the marketing [image-nocss] team at Mac's selected the name Berry Frostmas (a play on Merry Christmas).

The agency created the fan page this summer as part of the chain's Ontario-based "Stick It Out There" campaign in support of two new flavors: the Atomic Wedgie and the Stickie Hickie.

Mac's originally asked Majestic to name the new drink, but Mario Zelaya, managing director with Majestic Media, decided to tap into the minds of the 22,000 Facebook fans instead.

"These kids are so creative, why not just ask them?" he said.

Though the contest was open to all Canadians, the new flavor is only available in Ontario. It will be promoted on posters in more than 500 Mac's Ontario locations.

"The strategy this year was to adopt a more contemporary and fun approach with the Froster brand," said Polly Rai, Mac's promotions marketing manager for central Canada. "It's very different to anything we've done before and we are enthusiastic about the final results."