Samuel Adams Named 2015 Beer Brand of the Year

Brewer earned highest TV-ad score for relaying information about its products

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LOS ANGELES – In a survey that includes such lofty trademarks as Google, Amazon and Samsung, Samuel Adams was named the Brand of the Year in the beer category by Ace Metrix.

"Samuel Adams reclaims the honor in 2015 after being runner-up to Budweiser in 2014 (whose 2015 Super Bowl ads were the two highest scoring ads of the category)," Ace Metrix said. Samuel Adams was also beer brand of the year in 2013.

In the survey that measured the impact of video advertising, eleven beer companies qualified for this year’s brand of the year honor having put out at least five new ads.

The Samuel Adams tagline “Know More, Love More” scored well for providing "information," one of six factors considered in influencing consumer behavior.

"Each spot uses a story-telling approach, educating viewers not only on the Samuel Adams product and process, but also on general beer facts," Ace Metrix said. The top-performing Samuel Adams ad, “Brew,” earned the highest “information” score of any 2015 ad in its category, 29% above the norm score.

"While current consumers of the Samuel Adams brand connected best with the ads, the series resonated well with those unfamiliar with the brand," Ace Metrix said.

The company added. "It’s worth noting that top competitors Guinness and Budweiser have taken similar approaches in their creative as of late, describing their history and their processes--a shift from both brands’ 2014 stable of emotionally charged ads. The two brands earned six of the top 10 spots for the year, including Budweiser’s Super Bowl spot 'Brewed the Hard Way' and Guinness’ 'Gates,' a 90-second spot that was originally introduced online."

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