Shock Top Adds Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat

Beer line extension available in 6- and 12-packs

Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat

ST. LOUIS -- The brewmasters at Shock Top are at it again, creating a unique twist on a classic flavor combination. Shock Top is introducing a new beer: Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat, an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale featuring the sweetness of honey and the boldness of bourbon.

Introduced March 3, Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat is brewed with honey, caramel malt and aged on bourbon cask staves for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.

Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat is a new year-round offering. Brewed with wheat and caramel malt, the beer has a mellow amber color and is 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV).

The new brew, an extension of Anheuser-Busch's original Shock Top Belgian White, is available nationwide in 6- and 12-packs of bottles and also on draught.

The Shock Top line of beers now include seven varieties.