Toot'n Totum Taps Pulse Beverage

Manufacturer-to-retailer direct agreement is first for drink company

AMARILLO, Texas -- Toot'n Totum Food Stores has entered into a manufacturer-to-retailer direct agreement with Pulse Beverage Corp., makers of Cabana 100% Natural Lemonades and Pulse NutriPurpose brand of beverages, for the retailer's 62 locations to stock the drink maker's products.

It is Pulse Beverage's first such convenience store deal, the company said.

The first shipment of Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade has reached the Toot'n Totum distribution warehouse.

"We are very excited about Cabana being placed into the Toot'n Totum c-store chain," said Paddy Sheya, vice president and national sales manager of Pulse Beverage. "Toot'n Totum is a very influential retailer for West Texas."

Amarillo, Texas-based Toot'n Totum has 61 c-stores located in Amarillo and one in Borger, Texas. Along with fuel islands, the locations offer ready-to-eat foods, grocery items and fountain areas. Other in-store services include Mr. Payroll check cashing, Texas lottery and car care centers.

Denver-based Pulse Beverage is an emerging growth company that manufactures, distributes and markets Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade and is preparing to launch PULSE NutriPurpose brand of beverages originally developed by a major healthcare company and containing effective ingredients that the company said are widely considered to be critical to adult health.