VBlast With a Twist

Debuts new cap that dispenses vitamins into spring water

NEW YORK -- VBlast vitamins and spring water is introducing health-oriented consumers to vitamins with a new twist--a newly designed closure that dispenses a liquid vitamin blend into pure mountain spring water with a simple turn of the cap.

The two-piece, 28mm cap replaces a more complex sports cap, said Luke Zakka, vice president of operations for NYSW Beverage Brands Inc., which produces VBlast. The new closure features a 6ml reservoir that ensures the quality and year-long shelf life of the vitamin blend. To maintain the potency of the vitamins, they are introduced to the spring water as the consumer opens the bottle.

"The new cap provides a better all-around consumer experience," Zakka said. "The vitamin blend is dispensed with a single twist of the cap--there's nothing complicated about it. The reservoir empties completely and quickly into the water, the opening is nice and big for a thirst-quenching swallow, and because our vitamins are in liquid form, there's no grit or clumping like we see with dry formulations in other products."

He said VBlast was created for active, calorie-conscious consumers who see the product as part of their on-the-go lifestyle. "With its powerful blend of vitamins in liquid form in the cap, activated when the consumer opens the package, VBlast is second to none among calorie-conscious consumers in terms of flavor and function, with zero calories and no sugar added."

The new cap will be featured in the current line of VBlast flavors, which are available in convenience stores, delis, groceries and sports clubs nationwide, as well as in line extensions that will be introduced soon.

The company has geared up for the introduction of the new closure by installing a new, high-speed cap-filling machine, he added. Details on the cap are available t www.vblast.com/the-cap

New York City-based NYSW Beverage Brands is the parent company for New York Springs Natural Spring Water, VBlast Vitamins & Water, VBee! Multi-Vitamins & Water for kids and Aqua84 Mineral Enhanced Water. The company bottles its water