WhoopAss Wins Award

Jones Soda receives BevNet's 2010 Best Product Revamp honor

SEATTLE -- Jones Soda Co., a leader in the premium soda category known for its branding and marketing, said that its WhoopAss Energy Drink has been awarded BevNet's 2010 Best Product Revamp honor. According to BevNet reviewers, who gave the drink four of five stars in a recent review, the award was given to recognize both an improved product and a sound consumer marketing strategy.

"The product received an upgrade in both the formulation and the packaging, which can now run with the best of them," BevNet said.

Jones relaunched its WhoopAss energy drink earlier this [image-nocss] year with all new branding, flavor profile and functional ingredients, in order to make it a more serious category contender. The original WhoopAss, launched in 1999, had largely functioned as a novelty product.

"We knew the immense potential and equity we had in the WhoopAss name and concept, but the flavor, ingredients and graphics had become outdated as the energy drink market evolved," said Jones Soda CEO Bill Meissner. "With the revamped offering, we're delivering an all new face for the brand, and we believe the changes will help make WhoopAss a major player in the $5 billion energy drink category."

The new WhoopAss product will retail for $2.39 per can MSRP and is currently available online with plans to roll it out to retailers nationwide in coming months.

Notable changes to the new WhoopAss which helped contribute to the award, include: New Look: Replacing the former Japanese-anime inspired packaging is a tall, all-black 16-oz. aluminum can featuring a gritty red and grey Iron Cross graphic, a historic symbol that represents strength and courage. New Ingredients: The updated WhoopAss formula contains the antioxidant power of 2.5 servings of vegetables, and will provide users with an energy boost while also promoting muscle recovery. Additional key ingredients include amino acids, Polyphenols and Catechins sourced from Yerba Mate, Grape extracts, and Green Tea and a B-vitamin blend. New Flavor & Color: The formerly bright yellow beverage has changed hues to a deep purple color and gone from tart and sweet to an exotic, subtle fruit flavor with notes of dragon fruit.

"We're extremely proud of the new WhoopAss," added Meissner. "What we have now is a functional beverage that has much better flavor, graphics that stand out on the shelf and a spokesperson--UFC fighter Ryan 'Darth' Bader--who can engage the energy drink target market of active young males. We're honored to receive the BevNet award and feel this is just the beginning for the new WhoopAss."

Headquartered in Seattle, Jones Soda markets and distributes premium beverages under the Jones Soda, Jones Pure Cane Soda and WhoopAss Energy Drink brands and sells through its distribution network in markets primarily across North America. Jones Soda is sold through traditional beverage retailers.