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caseys general store

Changes applied to more than 100 convenience stores

ANKENY, Iowa -- Casey’s General Stores Inc. is trimming its pizza delivery operations by dropping the service altogether at some stores, cutting back the days when delivery will be offered at others and trimming the hours the option will be available at still more. All told, changes were...

Food sales continues its winning streak

granola and fruit

What's driving meal occasions?

CHICAGO -- As traditional dayparts blur and snacking and between-meal occasions grow in popularity among consumers, the trend isn’t cannibalizing conventional mealtimes: Operators foresee growth in the lunch daypart more than any other segment, at 30%. Convenience continues to drive meal occasions...

Healthy, transparent and local foods are top of mind
Social media and mobile applications play a larger role
Finding talent joins minimum wage and menu labeling as areas to watch
C-store retailers show the most optimism for sales improvements
But as consumers yearn for more interesting meal options, including bolder flavors and plant-based options, convenience stores are upgrading and updating their sandwich offerings.
veggie trays
More than a dozen customers reported illness

Menu inspiration to embrace