3 Pizza Insights From Cumberland Farms

cumberland farms pepperoni pizza

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- Just in time for National Pizza Day on Feb. 9, Cumberland Farms got the deep dish on consumers’ pie preferences. "We know how serious people are about pizza, so in honor of National Pizza Day, we thought it would be fun to see how they enjoy it," said David Heilbronner, director of brand strategy and advertising for Cumberland Farms. 

The Westborough, Mass.-based convenience-store chain asked hard-hitting questions such as, “Does hot pineapple belong on pizza?” And, "Cold pizza, yay or nay?”

Read on to find out the answers to these and other cheesy conundrums …

1. Sweet on pizza

pineapple pizza

Customers of Cumberland Farms' more than 600 locations can purchase pizza by the slice starting at 99 cents and whole pizzas for $6.99. However, how guests choose to top those pizzas is between them and their higher power. About 65% of survey respondents support topping pizza with pineapple. And 33% declared Hawaiian to be their favorite style of pizza.

Dipping sauces are another matter. About half of respondents think dunking their slices in ranch is tasty, but 52% think it takes away from the overall flavor.

2. The most important meal of the day

cold pizza

Survey respondents are no strangers to sneaking a slice in the early morning. In fact, leftover pizza usurps more traditional breakfast options for some. About 85% of participants said they prefer a cold slice of pizza over toast to start their day.

3. More is more

pizza with silverware

A slice just doesn’t cut it for most consumers. Nearly three-fourths of surveyed respondents opt for an entire pie vs. only a piece. And don’t bother stocking forks and knives by the pizza station—92% of respondents say pizza is strictly finger food.