Best Chicken Wings Around'

Foodservice specialty helps this single-store owner 's site stand out

HARRISBURG, Ga. -- When you think of good food, a five-star restaurant probably comes to mind. A convenience store probably doesn 't, according to the Metro Spirit. But in a feature on The Corner Store in the historic Augusta, Ga., community of Harrisburg, the newspaper found a c-store that not only has good food, but “some of the best chicken wings around.”

“People come from Atlanta. They say, ‘When you come to Augusta, you 've got to stop by Corner Store. You 've got to try the chicken wings, ' ” single-store owner Myongk Shouse told the newspaper.

Shouse [image-nocss] said people come from South Carolina, Hephzibah and all over Augusta for a taste of her chicken wings.

Using a unique recipe, Shouse has come up with a recipe for success. And it is one that she is not willing to give out. But she hinted that the combination of seasonings she uses is one of the reasons her customers love them.

“The seasonings I use are Oriental and American. I guess the Lord gave it to me. I used to love the chicken wings I cooked at my house and everybody loved them,” she said.

Chicken wings are not the only item on the menu. You can get barbecue pork, chicken or flounder sandwiches, cheeseburgers or country-fried steak. French fries and egg rolls are also on the menu, but the wings are what they 're known for.

Shouse said that chicken wings were sold there before she purchased the store, but they were nothing like her recipe.

“The store owner before, they sold chicken wings, too,” Shouse said. “It was OK, but I didn 't like it because it was so complicated. I just know my way.”

The Shouse family may have a good location at the corner of Eve St. and Battle Row, but people still pass by The Corner Store. It looks as much like a hunting cabin as anything else.

“Many people pass by here, but they don 't see it. People say, ‘That 's The Corner Store; they sell food, too. ' Then they stop by and say ‘wow, '” said Shouse 's son Randy.

Once you get there, you can find just about anything you need. It is a convenience store in every sense of the word.

“What they come in here looking for, we have,” Shouse said.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, gold teeth, contact lenses, sunglasses, socks, shirts, hair weaves, purses, belts, nail polish and all other fixtures of a typical convenience store are sold here. It is like a quickie mart, beauty supply store and restaurant all in one.

“Everybody says that Harrisburg has crime and stuff, but maybe that 's not true, though,” Shouse said. “My customers are just like a family, growing together. I know everybody and everybody 's so nice. To me it 's just like a family.”