13 C-Store Products Named Among Most 'Trusted Brands'

2016 Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Survey

NEW YORK -- A number of products sold in most convenience stores were included in the 2016 Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Survey.

From headache remedies to nutrition bars, more than 5,000 Americans identified their most trusted brands in the magazine's second annual survey.

“Trust is an integral part of the Reader’s Digest DNA and we wanted to continue to capture Americans’ changing attitudes on brand trust," said Kirsten Marchioli, vice president and group publisher for Reader’s Digest.

The survey found that 78% of survey participants stated they would choose a brand that’s been identified as more trustworthy than a different brand with equal quality and price.

In addition, the study reported 67% of U.S. adults surveyed pay more attention to trusted brands, and another 67% say they pay more money to support trusted brands. Furthermore, half of respondents (50%) said the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands seal would increase their likelihood of trusting that product or service.

The winners in 40 categories are published in the just-released October issue. The full list can be found in the magazine and online.

Here are the 13 winners among products often sold in convenience stores. 

1. Allergy relief: Benadryl

Allergy relief: Benadryl

Survey findings are from an Ipsos Connect study conducted for Reader’s Digest from Feb. 3-11. For the survey, 5,017 U.S. adults were interviewed online. Winning brands were determined by absolute vote and confirmed to be statistically significant from the other brands. Any brands that were classified by the respondent incorrectly were disqualified.

2. Bottled water: Dasani

Bottled water: Dasani

3. Coffee: Folgers

Coffee: Folgers

4. Cold and flu remedies: NyQuil

Cold and flu remedies: NyQuil

5. Cold cereal: Kellogg's

Cold cereal: Kellogg's

6. Eye care: Visine

Eye care: Visine

7. Headache, pain reliever: Advil

Headache, pain reliever: Advil

8. Household air freshener: Febreze

Household air freshener: Febreze

9. Juice: Tropicana

Juice: Tropicana

10. Nutrition bars: Clif

Nutrition bars: Clif

11. Pet food: Purina

Pet food: Purina

12. Soup: Campbell Soup

Soup: Campbell Soup

13. Yogurt: Yoplait

Yogurt: Yoplait

The precision of online polls is measured using a credibility interval. In this case, the poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 1.6 percentage points. The data was weighted to U.S. Census data by age, gender, income and geography. Statistical margins of error are not applicable to online surveys.