S&D Beverage Introduces MilkSplash Milk Flavoring

Liquid additive rolls out in April in five flavors


CONCORD, N.C. -- MilkSplash, an innovative new milk flavoring for parents who want their kids to drink more milk and make healthier beverage choices, is launching this week in select Target stores, and nationally at Walmart and other retailers in April.

Created and marketed by North Carolina-based S&D Beverage Innovations, MilkSplash has a variety of flavors, fun colors and engaging characters, such as Cocoa Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies 'N Cream and Jammin' Banana, with more to come.

"We created MilkSplash to give kids lots of wonderful options to flavor their milk because research shows nearly seven in 10 kids drink more milk when it's flavored, and we know that kids need to drink more milk," said Dr. Maya Zuniga, director of product innovation at S&D. "With milk consumption declining for decades, many children miss out on the recommended amount of milk and its essential nutrients, including three that are of most concern--calcium, vitamin D and potassium."

"Moms are also concerned about the amount of sugar in the beverages their children drink according to a recent nationwide survey, so they'll be pleased to know that MilkSplash is zero calorie," said Zuniga.

Following in the footsteps of liquid water enhancers and the positive impact they have had on water consumption, MilkSplash milk flavoring is doing the same for kids and milk.

"We're defining a new category of highly concentrated liquid-milk flavorings and offering more choices than kids have ever had before," said John Buckner, vice president of marketing at S&D, who is overseeing the MilkSplash launch. "Chocolate and strawberry syrups and powders have been among the limited options for adults and kids alike, until now. MilkSplash is launching with five flavors, but there are many more in the pipeline, as well as all-natural versions of MilkSplash in development."

Every small bottle of MilkSplash makes at least 24 servings, requiring just a gentle squeeze and simple stir to turn white milk into a delicious treat kids love that lets them enjoy milk on their own terms.

MilkSplash was created by S&D Beverage Innovations LLC, a division of S&D Coffee Inc., the nation's largest custom coffee roaster and blender of iced tea for the foodservice industry.