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Retailers who’ve tried the service discuss how it has affected their businesses

LAS VEGAS – Seventy percent of consumers will shop online for groceries by 2022, which is two to three years earlier than many industry experts expected, said Kevin Coupe, the “content guy” for MorningNewsBeat, a Connecticut-based retail newsletter, during the education session "The Long and...

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What should c-stores be doing with design and layout to attract and pique the interest of these young shoppers? Here are a few ideas.

Brought to you by FETCO. There’s been a lot said about millennials and their need for choice, healthy options and engagement when they shop. An even younger generation, Generation Z, is focused on these attributes also, and to perhaps an even greater degree. This carries over to their interaction...

How HotSpot grew its margins and margin dollars

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- In 2007, HotSpot Convenience Stores learned that we were soon going to face a massive invasion of stores from a giant competitor. We learned about the new stores quite some time before they actually started building, which was a real blessing, as it gave us time to prepare for...

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While millennials’ loyalty may be considered hard to gain, their connectivity, brand advocacy and market share make them an attractive consumer segment to all retailers.
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Exciting options to round out a NACS Show® stay

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Here are three strategies for convenience and gas retailers to collect more customer feedback.
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Building relationships with millennials has immediate benefits, but it pays off even more in the long-term.
One step for improving store experiences
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Merchants want changes to rules and business practices
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Deal addresses only monetary claims, not rule changes