5 Ways to Boost In-Store Sales Now

Tips to get customers in the door and to buy more

woman uses mobile technology in a c-store

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- Research firm eMarketer projects mobile advertising will account for 51% of the total digital ad market worldwide by 2016. With 2015 quickly coming to a close, you need to hop on the mobile train and look at the power of beacon technology. With Q4 in sight, the timing could not be more perfect.

Whether you’re a small or large convenience-store retailer, beacon technology will make an impactful presence on your mobile-marketing strategy. Below are the top 5 revenue-producing tactics that use this type of technology.

1. Get shoppers in your door.

Have a special in-store coupon available? With a Bluetooth beacon by your door, you can send a targeted message to shoppers. When they walk by your doors, they’ll see your message and coupon on their smart phone.

Don’t have a coupon? Instead, send a message stating what products you carry, and be sure to mention specific name brands along with any ongoing or upcoming sales. Are you a larger store? Use beacons to emphasize a particular category by sending a specific promotional offer to try a new product or promote a brand on sale.

2. Provide information.

Beacons can do more than push advertising promotions; in fact, they don’t even have to be promotions at all. Sending value-added content on a customer’s path to purchase can be just as effective, if not more so. For example, place a beacon near a new product.  When customers stand next to it, push a product demo to help them make the right decision on which product to buy. Using the technology to help your customers will gain their trust, respect and loyalty, thus gaining more of their business in the future.

3. Cross-sell.

Provided you have an established loyalty program, you can easily integrate beacons as part of your mobile-marketing strategy. This will further increase engagement and continued growth for your one-to-one customer relationships. Promote products that have higher bonus points or provide promotions that are exclusive to your loyalty club members.

4. Upsell.

Continuing with an existing loyalty program, use the customer’s previous purchase history to send targeted offers, content, promotions and more. As an example, you can guide them around your store with ads for recommended products and where to find them, add a special bonus-points offering for customers who purchase the item(s) today.

5. Go the extra mile.

It goes without saying: The more of a personalized touch you can give your customers, the more they will come back for repeated business. Increase your mobile-marketing strategy a bit further by integrating features your customers will find useful. By incorporating a shopping list feature within your app, you have the ability to guide customers around your store, to the correct aisle and shelf where the product is located. Once at the location, send an available coupon or promotional offer for a particular brand.

Don’t have an app? Do not let this limit your mobile-marketing abilities. Partner with app companies that already have your target audience engaged. For more information about beacons, or to begin an advertising partnership with GasBuddy’s 50 million users, please contact us at advertising.gasbuddy.com.