Free Gas for Three Years

Third winner collects prize in Rutter's giveaway

YORK, Pa. -- Rutter's Farm Stores presented its third "Fuel Up Free!" grand prize to Ollie Gildow of Shrewsbury, Pa., this past week. Gildow accepted the prize—free gasoline for three years—at the Rutter's in Shrewsbury. The gas giveaway began May 26 and ended yesterday, August 24. Four customers are receiving free gas for three years, with the remaining grand-prize drawing scheduled for September 15.

The first two winners were Kathy Wallick of North York, Pa., and Jason Waltz of Spring Grove, Pa.

"There's been a lot of talk about giving consumers a break from high gas [image-nocss] prices, but Rutter's again is doing something about it," Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter's Farm Stores, said when the giveaway began in May. "We awarded free gas to seven customers in the first two years of the giveaway and look forward to doing the same for four more customers this year."

As part of the promotion, Rutter's offered weekly food or beverage specials. With each purchase of a special, a customer received an entry blank. The more specials that customers purchase, the more chances they have to win. Customers also could obtain entry blanks by showing an M&T Bank ATM receipt to a Rutter's clerk. Rutter's offers no-surcharge M&T ATMs in each of its stores.

Each of the winners will receive a Rutter's fleet card—essentially a debit card with a dollar amount on it. The amount will be based on the average retail price of unleaded gasoline at Rutter's store on the day of each grand-prize drawing multiplied by 15 gallons of gasoline per week for 156 weeks (three years).

The participating sponsors include Pepsi-Cola, Davis Beverages, Monster Energy, Snapple, Canada Dry, Jack and Jill Ice Cream, Edy's Grand Ice Cream, QTG-Quaker, Red Bull, Nestle Waters, Rutter's Dairy, S&D Coffee, Kunzler Meats and M&T Bank.

Family-owned and third-generation managed, York, Pa.-based Rutter's operates 51 convenience stores York, Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.

[Pictured (from left): Robert Perkins, Rutter's director of marketing with grand-prize winner Ollie Gildow and his wife, Debbie Gildow.]