Gulf Joins Fuel Savings Network

Supermarket, Dunkin cards help consumers pay less at the gas pump

NEWTON, Mass. -- Following a month-long test, Gulf Oil L.P. announced this week that it will offer consumers the ability to lower their price of gas through a powerful new retail partner program known as Override. All consumers have to do to earn gas savings is shop at such retailers as Shaw's Supermarkets or Dunkin' Donuts.

Shoppers who make a minimum purchase of $50 worth of groceries with their Shaw's Rewards Card earn an immediate 10 cents off a gallon of gas up to 20 gallons at a participating Gulf Oil location. Dunkin' Donuts customers who purchase at least $20, which [image-nocss] can be accumulated over multiple visits, with a Dunkin' Rewards Card, earn 5 cents off each gallon of gas at Gulf. Those savings can then be redeemed immediately at participating Gulf locations throughout New England.

Either partner card can be swiped right at the gas pump to earn the savings.

"Gulf Oil is always on the hunt for creative, unique programs that help the driving public," said Gulf Oil president and COO Ron Sabia. "The ability to extend a savings program to consumers is a fundamental part of our strategy to grow as the leading downstream energy distribution company. The key attributes of Override are its link to strong retail partners, our extensive network of Gulf locations and the immediate roll back of pump prices."

The gas savings program with Gulf is being piloted at eight locations in the Worcester and Gloucester, Mass., markets, and will expand to hundreds of locations throughout New England on Friday, March 27. According to Gulf chief marketing officer Rick Dery, "The response to the program from our Gulf-branded distributors and dealers has been outstanding."

The Override program was launched in 2007 with Shaw's Supermarkets and was an instant success. In the fall of 2008, Override added more than 250 Dunkin' Donuts locations in New Hampshire and Maine to the program, creating greater coverage where customers could earn gas savings.

To date, Override has saved more than $10 million for thousands of participants throughout New England since the program began.

The unique power of Override is the ability of its participants to combine their savings from more than one retail partner. By registering their rewards cards at, consumers can link the savings earned at more than one retailer to maximize their savings at the pump.

"So for instance, if I have a loyalty program on my credit card and a loyalty program from other participating retailers, I could stack all of my rewards from all of them and connect them to this one card," Sabia told CSP Daily News. "So if I have 10 cents from one retailer and 5 cents from another and 10 cents from somebody else, I can stack all those rewards and use them at one time in one place."

"Our first priorities are to bring value and quality to Override participants, and Override's partnership with Gulf will raise these standards even higher. The addition of Gulf locations to the Override network will provide unprecedented convenience to consumers who want to lower their price of gas at the pump," said Mike Crosby, CEO of Override. "Their service stations are state-of-the-art, and they have a history of offering innovative programs to their customers. Because of the difficult economy, Gulf's participation in Override could not be coming at a better time."

"There's huge potential for us on the loyalty-card program," Sabia said. "It's a very flexible program, and one that really targets our group very, very well."

Gulf Oil L.P., based in Newton, Mass., is one of the Northeast's largest wholesalers of refined petroleum products. Gulf Oil distributes motor fuels through a network of more than 2,400 Gulf-branded gasoline retail centers, 12 proprietary oil terminals and a network of more than 50 other supply terminals.

Override connects highly respected retail partners and consumers with fuel retailers to leverage the power of fuel.

Consumers can earn gas savings at participating Shaw's Supermarkets and Dunkin' Donuts, and redeem their savings at hundreds of fuel locations throughout New England. The program is also offered to more than 37,000 New England-based employees, including employees at Shaw's Supermarkets, through the Override employee program.