Jack's Markets Joins KickBack Rewards Coalition in Colorado

Grocery chain's partner will be Pester Marketing's Conoco, Phillips 66 sites

MONTE VISTA, Colo. -- Jack's Markets has joined the KickBack Rewards coalition loyalty program in Colorado. Jack's primary coalition partner will be Pester Marketing, which operates 51 Alta Convenience Stores, many of which are partnered with the Conoco and Phillips 66 fuel brands.

"We are in a very competitive market surrounded by larger retailers with rewards programs," said Troy Plane, a third-generation company owner and general manager. "During our due diligence phase, we learned that a lot of our customers were already participating in KickBack's program at Conoco and Phillips 66 locations. By joining the coalition, we are able to help our loyal customers earn discounts, prizes and other great rewards. It's really a win-win for everyone."

Jack's customers can earn and spend points just like cash at a host of stores including Conoco and Phillips 66 locations.

According to Troy Plane, the earlier customer feedback has all been positive. "There is definitely a lot of excitement with our customers and our employees," he said. "Since many people already had the KickBack card, we are giving them another opportunity to earn rewards and discounts, and I that is something they really appreciate."

For a smaller operator like Jack's, a coalition loyalty program offers the company a big opportunity. A major cost benefit is that most of the development work is already established. Also, the opportunities to earn points are more frequent and varied, the rewards are bigger and can be more aspirational and the range of rewards can be greater.

Coalition programs, such as KickBack Rewards Systems, have a proven ability to increase average transaction value, increase transaction frequency and increase customer lifetime value.

"Loyalty is crucial to keeping customers coming back for more and how you earn and maintain your customers' trust," said Pat Lewis, CEO of KickBack Rewards Systems.

KickBack Rewards Systems was formed in the 2000. The Twin Falls, Idaho-based company is a leader in loyalty marketing in the c-store and quick-service restaurant channels. It also designs loyalty programs for other channels including grocery stores, gaming casinos, truckstops, furniture stores, rental companies, clothing stores and others.

Founded by Jack Plane in 1972, Monte Vista, Colo.-based Jack's Markets currently operates three grocery stores.