KSS Fuels is Now Kalibrate Technologies

New name reflects broad scope of intelligence solutions for clients

KSS Fuels' new name--Kalibrate--reflects broad scope of intelligence solutions for clients

FLORHAM, N.J. -- KSS Fuels is changing its name to Kalibrate Technologies to better reflect the broadened scope of the intelligence solutions it offers clients in the petroleum retail and convenience store industry.

The company is the global leader in providing fuel pricing and retail network planning software and services to the industry and the only provider of both solutions. Kalibrate’s new Web address is www.kalibratetech.com.

“The key to petroleum retail success lies in understanding your market and customers and calibrating your business to fulfill their needs and demands,” said Bob Stein, president and chief executive officer. “As our new name suggests, this is what we do. We provide petroleum retailers with intelligence tools, software and services to analyze their operating data as the basis for defining and managing strategies to deliver on performance goals.”

Kalibrate helps clients:

  • Calibrate pricing strategies and tactics to meet volume and margin targets and market demands.
  • Calibrate their planning processes to determine the optimal volume targets, who their key competitors are, how to plan a network and how to optimize capital spend on petroleum retail sites.
  • Calibrate data to help make more informed business-intelligence decisions to improve operational performance.
  • Recalibrate strategies and tactics to keep up with changing market dynamics and ensure sustainable success.

KSS Fuels was founded in 1993 and focused on pricing solutions across multiple retail verticals including convenience store chains, drugstore, grocery and general retail industries. In 2011, the company acquired Market Planning Solutions Inc. (MPSI), a leading provider of fuel retail site evaluation and network planning solutions and services that was formed in 1970.

“Having successfully integrated the two organizations, we’re more than the sum of KSS Fuels and MPSI and mean much more to clients than either company has in the past.” Stein said. “We now offer a full suite of analytical tools to help petroleum retailers enhance their business.

"By changing our name to Kalibrate, we avoid confusion about what we do and are no longer constrained by perceptions of our brand based on history. We chose to spell calibrate with a ‘K’ to ensure that we remain focused on bringing knowledge to our valued clients in all that we do and offer.”

The name change is effective immediately with a transition period over the next several weeks to fully effect the change.

Kalibrate Technologies is the leading global provider of fuels pricing and retail network planning software, analytics and consulting services to companies in the oil & gas, convenience store, grocery and retail industries. Kalibrate helps fuel retailers, distributors and marketers implement effective pricing solutions to increase profitability and analyze retail networks to pinpoint growth opportunities and optimize capital investment to enhance operational performance. The company has North American headquarters in Florham Park, N.J.