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Details on Wawa, Chase card

WAWA, Pa. -- As reported in CSP Daily News, Wawa Inc., Chase Bank USA NA, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Visa USA said that they will launch the Wawa Rewards Visa card with blink in mid-November.

The new card will allow Wawa customers to earn reward points they can redeem for Wawa gasoline, groceries, coffee, hoagie sandwiches and other Wawa items. Wawa is one of the first companies in the nation to blink-enable its entire credit card program.

There is no better way to reward our loyal Wawa customers for shopping with [image-nocss] us, said Howard Stoeckel, CEO at Wawa. Not only will we be able to delight our customers with Wawa rewards like free gas, but we will also increase our speed and efficiency by offering and accepting Chase cards with blink at all 540 of our stores.

To use Wawa Rewards Visa cards with blink, cardmembers will hold their card near a point-of-sale (POS) reader at the Wawa counter or pump, eliminating the need to hand their card to a store employee, manually swipe it at the pump or counter or sign a receipt. The reader will emit a tone and light up to signal payment confirmation. Wawa Rewards Visa cards with blink also contain a magnetic stripe, allowing the card to be swiped in the traditional manner anywhere Visa is accepted.

We know how much customers value the Wawa experience and, in fact, our employees are among the many devoted Wawa coffee and hoagie enthusiasts, said William Wallace, executive vice president of Strategic Business Units at Chase Card Services, the company's credit card division. As we continue to roll out Chase cards with blink, it makes perfect sense to partner with a company that embodies the values of speed, convenience and customer loyalty like Wawa does.

Wawa Rewards Visa cardmembers will earn 4% in rebates for every dollar spent on card purchases at Wawa. Cardmembers will also earn 1% in rebates for everyday purchases made anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. In addition, for the first 90 days, cardmembers will earn 10% in rebates for every dollar spent at Wawa and 2% in rebates on all card purchases made elsewhere. Customers will also receive a coupon for a free Shorti Hoagie after the first purchase with their new card.

Other Wawa Rewards Visa card benefits include no annual fee; a low introductory rate; and zero liability on unauthorized purchases.

Wawa operates more than 540 stores in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.