Portrait of the 'Mom & Pop'

Photographer's project highlights c-stores, owners that sold winning lottery tickets

Amar Ramadan Edie Bresler "We Sold a Winner"

Amar Ramadan

BOSTON -- Every time a winning lottery ticket is sold, it makes big headlines for the winner. But rarely reported is what happens to the people who sold the winning tickets. That's what Boston-based photographer Edie Bresler took as her subject in her ongoing project, "We Sold a Winner."

According to a report by Business Insider Australia, since 2009, Bresler has traveled to small convenience stores all over the Northeast, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and photographed the owners and customers who frequent the stores.

Her work serves as a portrait of the "Mom & Pop" retailer.

"I photograph in small family-run convenience stores and marketplaces across the country where a jackpot ticket was sold and where the big money sometimes trickles down," Bresler, who teaches photography and digital imaging at Simmons College in Boston, said on the project's website. "I get to know the owners who represent a diverse cross-section of our country. Some are recent immigrants while others are third or fourth generation owners running the family business. If they sell a winning ticket, storeowners receive a 1% bonus commission. Their stores become known as lucky and the resulting happiness contagion creates brisk sales we all benefit from whether you play the lottery or not."

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