ShortStop to Move Forward with Mocapay

Expansion follows mobile payments trial

BOULDER, Colo. -- ShortStop, a four-location chain of convenience stores in Boulder, Colo., and a distributor of ConocoPhillips gasoline, is expanding its current mobile gift program to include mobile gift, loyalty and marketing firm Mocapay's mobile loyalty solution after a successful three-month mobile gift trial. ShortStop expects to launch its mobile loyalty program in the second quarter of this year in conjunction with Mocapay and Smart Transaction Systems.

ShortStop mobile gift accountholders are able to transact at the point of sale, access their account balance and [image-nocss] transaction history, find the nearest location and reload their gift/convenience account from their mobile phones.

Relative to its existing plastic gift card program, ShortStop reported mid-single-digit consumer adoption rates of mobile gift, high single-digit mobile transaction volumes and low double-digit mobile gift load amounts. By partnering with Mocapay, ShortStop has been able to broaden its market appeal of its gift card program towards its consumer segment in addition to its already successful business-to-business channel, the company said.

"We were impressed with the execution of Mocapay's implementation team. Mocapay's mobile gift transaction solution was seamlessly integrated with our existing plastic gift transaction process which made it very easy and simple for our employees to ensure a smooth customer experience at point-of-sale," said Tony Dageenakis, ShortStop co-owner.

To highlight the simplicity of the consumer experience, Mocapay and ShortStop collaborated on a video, which shows the end-to-end mobile ShortStop gift redemption process at point of sale. (Click here to view the video.)

"We are very encouraged with the success thus far of the mobile gift program and look forward to the new capabilities that Mocapay continues to offer. Our upcoming loyalty program will allow us to reward our best customers and we will be able to target one-to-one communication with them through Mocapay's opt-in mobile marketing services," Dageenakis said.

Boulder-based Mocapay provides a mobile commerce platform that supports integrated mobile payments, marketing and distribution at point of sale. It delivers direct marketing opportunities and customer loyalty to merchants while providing consumers with the ability to transact simply and securely with their mobile device and receive real-time promotions from their favorite retailers.

Smart Transaction Systems, also based in Boulder, provides card-based payment systems, customer loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) programs to a wide variety of companies. Smart Transaction Systems provides gift card and loyalty programs to more than 4,500 retail clients across the United States.