Study Reveals Regional Differences in Rewards Participation

Where are the most loyal customers located?

Excentus fuel rewards

DALLAS -- Midwesterners are most active consumers in pursuing fuel savings rewards and also earn and redeem rewards more actively, according to a newly released report by loyalty program provider Excentus Corp., “American Shopper Insights.”

With gas prices at all-time lows, Excentus has identified a trend on how consumers are responding--they are still eager to save on the cost of fuelregardless of prices at the pump.

Based on an Ipsos-eNation survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, the report reveals significant differences in the rates of program membership, frequency and activity within loyalty programs linked to fuel savings on a regional level.

Northeasterners say they drive more than consumers in other regions and are more likely to join a fuel savings rewards program based on a peer's recommendation than consumers elsewhere.

Southerners are more likely to choose brands, grocers and retailers based on the ability to earn fuel savings and join loyalty programs to save money any way they can.

And Westerners are more likely to track their fuel savings rewards from a mobile app, and more than half join a fuel savings rewards program because it is offered where they already shop.

Excentus, based in Dallas, is the creator of and patent holder for marketing programs and services that use price roll-down discounts at the gas pump as the ultimate consumer reward. Excentus has developed the Fuel Rewards program’s technology and program features to make it easy for consumers to save money on fuel and convenient for businesses to build loyalty and create value for customers.