UDF 'Conducting' Music Test

Playing loud classical music appears to curb loitering

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A United Dairy Farmers (UDF) convenience store in the Columbus, Ohio, area has decided to play classical music as a part of several upgrades, and customers say it is helping cut down on people who loiter around the business, reported the Associated Press.

The music emanating from the UDF store is loud enough to catch most everyone's attention, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported.

"You can hear it all the way down the street," a customer told the news outlet.

Customers said people always seem to be loitering around the store, some asking for money [image-nocss] and hassling passersby. But since the music started playing earlier this week, the customers said they saw a decrease in the number of people hanging around.

"I'd rather listen to the music than have everybody out here," the customer added.

Workers at the UDF store said the music is just one of the store's upgrades. They also said the music has kept people from wearing out their welcome.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based UDF operates approximately 200 Mobil-branded gasoline c-stores throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.