Nestle Shows What's Up Santa's Sleeve

New, returning seasonal confections

GLENDALE, Calif. -- Nestle Seasonal Confections has revealed its assortment of holiday confections available nationwide. Nestle has introduced new candy treats this season, the Sweetarts Merry Mix and Butterfinger Fun Book.

Returning this year are the Wonka Candy Canes (available in Sweetarts, Spree and Gobstopper varieties), nostalgic Nestle Heritage Tins (available in Nestle Crunch , Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and 100 Grand), and interactive, imaginative Fun Books in three brands, Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip and Wonka Nerds.

Among the most popular candies for stocking stuffers, decorating or snacking and sharing, Nestle's holiday treats come in a variety of flavors and brands from Wonka Sweetarts, Nerds, Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip, Butterfinger and Nestle Crunch:

  • Sweetarts Merry Mix. Bite-sized Sweetarts pieces in the shapes of miniature Christmas trees, snowmen and bells in cheery green and pink colors cherry and lime flavors; 6 oz., suggested retail price (SRP): $1.00.
  • Butterfinger, Wonka Nerds and Fun Dip Fantastical Fun Books. An interactive way to gift treats, featuring colorful book-shaped boxes with activities and trivia including winter crossword puzzles, holiday anagrams, a word search and more; 4 oz., SRP: $2.50.
  • Nestle Assorted Heritage Tins. Nestle chocolate brands are some of the oldest and best known in the United States. Generations have grown up with Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, the 100 Grand and Baby Ruth. Now these candy bars are available in reusable, collectible heritage tins with treat-sized candy bars tucked inside; 3.5 to 5.25 oz., SRP: $3.00.
  • Wonka Candy Canes. The flavors of Sweetarts, Spree and Gobstoppers are captured inside these Wonka Candy Canes; 12 candy canes per pack; 6 oz., SRP: $2.50
  • Exclusive Paul Frank Nestle Crunch Bar. Features the Paul Frank character Julius the Monkey in a new winter wonderland themed landscape and a Nestle Crunch bar inside the sleeve, this perfect stocking stuffer meets two needs--treat and greeting card with its own place for a special message; 3 oz., SRP: $2.00
  • Wonka Frosty Nerds. Now available in specialty flavors and holiday colors in bright red packaging with flavors that include watermelon, wild cherry and punch; 6 oz., SRP: $1.00
  • Sweetarts Holiday Gummies. The tree, star, bell and snowman-shaped chewy Sweetarts Holiday Gummies in red cherry and green apple are perfect for snacking; 11 oz., SRP: $2.50.

Other products offered by Nestle include Holiday Nerds Rope (0.92 oz., SRP: $1.00); single merry red cherry and white punch flavors, Butterfinger and Nestle Crunch Jingles (10 oz.., $2.99) in individual bell-shaped chocolate pieces wrapped in holiday foils; Laffy Taffy (4 oz., SRP: $1.00) variety bag featuring strawberry and watermelon fruit flavored pieces; and Gobstopper Snowballs (6 oz., $1.00), colorful jawbreakers in luscious fruit flavors.

Glendale, Calif.-based Nestle USA, with 2011 sales of $10 billion, is part of Nestle SA in Vevey, Switzerland, with 2011 sales of $94 billion.