Snacks & Candy

Snacks and candy category news for the convenience store retail industry.
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E-commerce retailer's own private-label brand takes a hit

planters cheez balls

Its portability and craveablity is winning with consumers

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Half Baked takes the cake, while new favorites emerge

hola nola
New Orleans-based company will operate NatureStar’s Chicago-area facility
planters cheez balls
The classic '90s snacks will return for a limited release.
snacks and candy

Acquisitions and marketing changes lead the category

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Brands take on new faces in a flurry of management changes since January

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Winsight Grocery Business and BrandSpark’s Shopper Army rate today’s confections

Product’s eight flavors made with ultrafiltered milk
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The trend of more continuous snacking isn’t likely to slow down anytime, but with summer here, some consumers may be looking for lighter, better-for-you snacks.