2014 NACS Show Tobacco Beat (Slideshow)

Updates to vaping products and merchandizing evolve the nicotine segment

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

New products tobacco

LAS VEGAS -- Who says it’s all about the e-liquids? A jaunt across the expansive NACS trade-show floor would suggest the real business is going to be in hardware: namely closing the gap between cig-alikes and vaporizers, and/or making the hot-button “open-system” units safer in the eyes of regulators and concerned consumers.

Longtime leaders in the e-cig game like Lorillard’s blu and NJOY showcased updates to their existing electronic cigarette brands, which promised better battery life and performance (although NJOY was also sampling its new vaping line). Others, like Logic, chose to take things a step further: Logic’s PRO, which will hit stores this winter, boasts a vaporizer size and performance with the safety of a closed-system using a proprietary “capsule” instead of “open” e-liquids.

With all the advancements in the world of e-vapor, it’s no surprise that more flexible options for tobacco merchandizing were also big at this year’s NACS show—though by no means exclusive to the world of vapor. Imageworks and Harbor both showcased fixtures for everything from e-liquids to premium cigars, while Swedish Match showed off a more retail-friendly cooler for its General Snus product line.

Even with everything going on in e-vapor, there was clearly room for some updates and new products in traditional tobacco, from some cool “glide-tech” packaging to historic Dutch cigars that are “new” to the United States.

Here’s a look at some of the new tobacco products found on the NACS show floor: