Commonwealth-Altadis Revives Montclair Brand

1960s cigarette back in black pack

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Commonwealth-Altadis is reintroducing the Montclair cigarette brand.

"This national re-launch establishes Montclair as an exceptional value," said Al Dejewski, senior vice president of consumer marketing. "Montclair is a premium-tasting cigarette that is reasonably priced."

"Our re-launch of Montclair is designed to meet the needs of today's value-conscious adult smokers and the demands of a highly competitive retail environment," he said.

According to MSAi, an industry data-gathering resource, the premium cigarette segment has been declining as adult smokers move to lower-priced products.

"In line with this, Montclair is being reintroduced at an aggressive price with a one-year price guarantee to provide exceptional value to adult smokers--and profit opportunities for our trade partners," he said.

Montclair was first launched in the 1960s. The brand earned the loyalty of many adult American smokers for decades, the company said.

Montclair's new contemporary pack design incorporates the crest of the "House of Parker & Simpson," which symbolizes the brand's dedication to meeting adult smoker expectations.

"In step with its reputation for innovation, the new Montclair Full Flavor Pack is an impactful black that boldly stands out on retail shelves," Dejewski said.

It is the first national brand in the discount category to use the color. Three other variants are also available: Blue, Silver and Menthol Gold.

This re-launch will initially involve Montclair's 100mm packs, a popular size, especially in the discount segment. Overall, 100s account for some 104 billion sticks in the United States annually, which represents a 40% total industry share for factory-made cigarettes, said the company. In the discount segment, 100s account for 68.3% of all cigarettes sold.

Commonwealth–Altadis Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Imperial Tobacco Group company providing sales and distribution services to Commonwealth Brands Inc. and Altadis USA Inc. The combined Commonwealth Brands and Altadis USA portfolio includes, in addition to Montclair, such brands as USA Gold, Sonoma, Dutch Masters, Backwoods and Phillies.